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About Sabijoux

Sabijoux is the brand under which designer Sabine Riechmann designs and makes Sterling silver jewellery in modern, slim line designs with attention to detail. She uses semi precious gemstones and pearls to complement some of her designs with vibrant colours. Her current collection includes rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and cufflinks.

Sabine draws a lot of inspiration from plants, natural textures and patterns. She has always used these as a source for her watercolour paintings and screen prints before turning to jewellery design.
After a career in printmaking, marketing and the advertising industry Sabine studied and graduated in design in London, where she worked on two and three dimensional designs in different materials and mediums; from paper, wood, polypropylene and metal to film making, photography and printmaking.
Since her graduation she has followed up her keen interest in jewellery designing and silversmithing, which has since become a big passion for her and is now the focus of her design work.
Sabine has a collection of pieces available as part of a regular program as well as some unique pieces. She sells her handcrafted jewellery - from her current range or custom made - at craft fairs and as requested.

Should you have special wishes regarding stone colours or variations, Sabine is happy to discuss those. Commissioned pieces are also available. Contact Sabine here.

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